My holy grail setting spray

I blogged about my favorite primers the other day, so I think it would only be fitting to write about my favorite setting spray this time.

Setting sprays are used at the very end of your makeup routine, and are supposed to set your makeup in place. They make sure all of those layers of foundation, concealer, powder, contour, blush, eyeshadow, and mascara meld together and STAY IN PLACE. The entire day.

I live in a tropical country where it gets very, very hot and humid. Before I discovered this setting spray, I would always notice that my makeup would melt off towards the end of the day. Not good. Just like any other person seeking makeup solutions, I went on youtube and searched for the perfect product to remedy this problem. I came across numerous products, but most of them promised a dewy finish, which I didn’t like. My skin is already oily enough as it is; I don’t want any more dew, no thank you. So I finally saw a video on the Skindinavia The Makeup Finishing Spray. They come in different varieties: Original, Bridal, and Oil Control. Naturally, I gravitated towards the Oil Control variant.

I decided to try it out.


It wasn’t easy finding Skindinavia in the Philippines, though. A lot of these high-end makeup products are not readily available here. I found out they were available through a local reseller, and got it from Make Up Pro.

Verdict: 10/10

I love this product!

It works beautifully, and makes everything look very put-together. It removes the powdery/cakey appearance of my loose setting powder, and makes the makeup look flawless and natural. All of this while effectively keeping my oils at bay (especially around my T-zone!). I literally do not need to retouch my face makeup the entire day because it just does not budge. Plus, there is no uncomfortable tightening/mask-like effect when you spray it on, which I believe some people report with other setting sprays.

Have you tried this product? Are there similar ones you’d recommend?


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