Current favorite foundation

Early this year, I found myself on the hunt for the best medium to full coverage foundation for my skin type. I have combination skin, and from January to early April of this year, I was constantly battling breakouts on my face, hence the search for a foundation to cover it all up. Ironically enough, a month a half into having my skin clear up again, I found my favorite foundation: Make Up For Ever‘s Ultra HD Stick Foundation.


I had used the Ultra HD liquid foundation in the past, which I also loved (still love, actually). It only provided me with light to medium coverage, though. I decided to return to my nearest MUFE store and purchased the Ultra HD Stick Foundation. I had done my research before buying the product, and the reviews were all pretty positive. Their in-store makeup artist also told me that it was appropriate for my skin type, and that it could provide me with medium coverage at the minimum, and that it was easily buildable to a full coverage.

I got to road test the foundation a few days after I bought it, and I was impressed! I only needed a few swipes of product on my face to get to a medium coverage. The product itself was also very easily blendable; it felt like I was just blending out a regular liquid foundation! It was also very easy to build up into a full coverage without looking cakey. I wore the foundation for about 8-9 hours for two days straight, and noticed that it did not accentuate any pores or fine lines, and it stayed put. My skin looked so smooth and beautiful, even my husband noticed!

I love this foundation! It also comes in the same shade range as their Ultra HD liquid foundation, so there’s a shade for everybody.

Verdict: 10/10!

Current price in-store: around PhP 2700.00


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