Incoming Haul: Jaclyn Hill’s favorite brushes

I watch a lot of YouTube, and one of the people I subscribe to and watch religiously is Jaclyn Hill. I love her makeup looks, and continuously look forward to the products she tries out on her channel, mainly to see if they would work for me or not. I also like her no-nonsense approach to reviewing products, although of course, there have been quite a few controversies thrown her way as well.

Recently, she launched a collaboration with Morphe Brushes. She spoke about her all-time favorite Morphe brushes on one of her latest videos, and told viewers that she was releasing all 23 brushes in a set, at a discounted price. I have never owned a Morphe brush in my life, so I figured that this would probably be a good time to begin to add them to my (small) brush collection.

The 23-piece brush set contains an assortment of contour brushes, powder brushes, foundation brushes, and eye brushes, all priced at $154.99, which roughly translates into PhP 7,750.00. I ordered a set for myself from a local online reseller As expected, there was a price mark-up of around PhP 2,000.00, bringing the total to a little over PhP 9,000.00. The price is quite steep, but for 23 brushes, I think (I hope!) it’s worth it.

Estimated time of arrival of this brush haul is by mid June. I’ll let you know my thoughts on the quality and performance after I’ve tried using them. Hopefully, they won’t be that bad. There has been quite the controversy surrounding this brush set, saying that this is false advertising by Jaclyn Hill, because Morphe brushes apparently suck and just shed all over the place. Any thoughts/experience on this? I just hope I didn’t waste all that money on something that doesn’t actually work.



7 thoughts on “Incoming Haul: Jaclyn Hill’s favorite brushes

      1. I know that there are a LOT of videos out there trying to discredit Jaclyn, Laura, etc. but I’ve had my brushes since Christmas, washed them almost every other week, & I still have yet to see them shed. I think you made a great decision girl!

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