Clio Kill Cover Conceal Cushion

I’ve been wanting to try this cushion compact by Korean makeup brand Clio ever since I heard about it, so I was very excited to get this in the mail after having ordered it online.

The Kill Cover Conceal Cushion is said to be a full-coverage cushion foundation formulated with concealer to hide all those blemishes and bumps. Like most Korean cushion foundations, the shade range was very limited. It only came in 3 shades: 2-BP (Lingerie), 2-BY (Linen), and 4-BO (Ginger). The swatches from will show you that even the darkest shade, Ginger, isn’t dark at all.


The product arrived in a big box containing the cushion compact and a refill. The cushion compact was made of plastic, with a decently-sized mirror inside, and a sponge puff to apply the product with.

I noticed that the black plastic thing that holds the sponge puff, and which snaps closed to cover the cushion itself was a little bit flimsy on the hinge. For a moment I was scared that it would break off.


This cushion foundation isn’t as full-coverage as advertised, but rather a buildable medium-coverage foundation with a dewy finish. A little product went a long way, as I didn’t need to dispense too much product from the cushion to apply on my face and neck. The only thing I noticed with this foundation was that it did NOT want to sit on my nose at all. No matter how many times I patted it onto my nose either using the sponge puff it came with, or using my Real Techniques Complexion Sponge, it just did not apply to my nose. I also found this to be the issue with my CC Long Lasting Cushion Foundation from The Face Shop, so maybe this is a thing among Korean cushions? Long story short, I ended up with a big patch on my nose where there was no foundation at all. I tried to cover it up with pressed powder, but it just did not look good. I wore this foundation to a dinner get-together with my friends, and noticed that by the time I got home 4 hours later, it had already broken up around the sides of my nose and on my upper lip. It stayed put on the rest of my face, though.

Verdict: 7/10 due to its limited shade range, somewhat flimsy packaging, and the fact that it just did not stay put on certain areas of the face.