Brow Intensity from Sleek Makeup

This will be the last post in my Sleek Makeup series (featuring the Matte Me lipsticks and the Solstice Highlighter Palette) this month. This one will be focusing on the relatively new Brow Intensity. According to the lady at the Sleek Makeup counter in Landmark Makati, this product has been out in the Philippine market for about a month now.


Brow Intensity is double-ended, with a “brow sculptor” on one end, and a cream highlighter on the other. It’s a nice concept, because you get to do your entire eyebrow routine (define, fill-in, sculpt, highlight) with just one product.


The “brow sculptor”, as seen in the photo, is a hybrid of a mascara wand and a sponge tip. The sponge tip is supposed to help you define and sculpt your brows into the desired shape, while the mascara wand is meant to comb the hairs into place, and at the same time brush the fibre-gel into your eyebrow hairs to make it look fuller.

The problem with this applicator is that the sponge tip, although tapered, is still too fat and chunky to be able to give me the sharp definition I want. You definitely will not be able to draw fine, hair-like strokes with this. It felt as if I was drawing my eyebrows on with a big fat marker! Yuck. It was also very difficult to maneuver the tool to use just the mascara wand portion without having the sponge tip touch the rest of my eyebrows and the skin around my brow area.

IMG_9404.JPG        IMG_9403.JPG

I thought that the highlighter on this product would be its saving grace, but I found it too chunky and glittery for my taste. Though it was creamy, it was still a bit hard to blend out.

I like Sleek, and it hurts my heart to say this, but overall, I would not recommend this brow product.

I believe there are tons of better brow products out in the market. The ones from K-Palette are better than this. As for me, I’m going to be sticking to my ultimate brow favorites: my Anastasia Brow Definer and my Benefit High Brow highlighter.

Solstice Highlighter Palette from Sleek Makeup

Okay. So I’m doing another blog post on a product from Sleek Makeup again. I did one on their Matte Me liquid lipsticks yesterday (click), and today, I’m doing one on their Solstice Highlighter Palette.

This palette comes with 3 powder highlighters (Hemisphere, Subsolar, and Equinox), and 1 cream highlighter (Ecliptic) housed in a shiny gold case with a decently sized mirror and a tiny little highlighter brush. Just like their liquid lipsticks, the price point of this palette isn’t bad. It’s actually pretty cheap, considering that it’s not a local, Philippine-made brand.

In the pan, these highlighters already look gorgeous. Just by eyeballing them, you can already tell that these babies will give such a fierce highlight to your face.


Swatched lightly on the back of my hand, this is what they look like:


Hemisphere has a pinky-purple sheen to it, while Equinox is a much more golden highlight similar to Becca’s Prosecco Pop, but a little more metallic. Subsolar is a silvery highlight. Ecliptic is the more subdued highlight among all four, being a bronzy pink.

I’d say that this palette gives you a variety of highlights you can use for different occasions. I’d wear Hemisphere on a night out. Subsolar you can even use as an inner corner highlight for your eyes. I’d say Equinox and Ecliptic are the more wearable, everyday highlights in this palette. All of them, though, look fantastic, and are all buildable to achieve the look and the pop you want.

Verdict: 10/10 for the price point, variety, and versatility


Sleek Matte Me liquid lipsticks

Last weekend, I went on a bit of a shopping spree at the Sleek Makeup counter over at Landmark Makati. I picked up a couple of items from them, but since then, I have only gotten to road test these Matte Me Ultra Smooth Matte Lip Creams.

I bought two shades from the line: Bittersweet, and Birthday Suit.


Both shades are very wearable, everyday shades; Bittersweet being a coral pink, and Birthday Suit being a pinky mauve.


The formula of these lipsticks is a bit watery, but thick enough to easily spread and be applied on the lips. It takes a few minutes for them to completely dry on the lips, but even when they do, there is still quite a tacky feel left. This is barely noticeable, though. The thing I love most about this formula is that it is very lightweight and non-drying. It kept my lips feeling moisturized throughout the day, and didn’t crack my lips up at all. There was, however, a little bit of transfer I noticed when I was eating, and the color seemed to wear off a little over time, so I did have to retouch during the afternoon. Reapplying the lipstick was easy, it did not go on patchy or wipe off the lipstick underneath.

Verdict for these matte lipsticks: 7/10

Inspite of the fact that these lipsticks fade out throughout the day, and do transfer minimally, I will still definitely use these lipsticks again, and will probably purchase a couple more shades for myself in the future.